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Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy

We use cookies for various purposes on our website and e-mail messages in order to provide our services effectively and improve your consumer experience. We are also developing a way for our trusted partners to share their experiences and improve their customer experience on their Web sites. This policy explains the categories of cookies we use (and used by our partners), for what purpose these cookies are used, and how you can change your preferences.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your browser's hard drive on your computer. Each time you visit our website, the web browser, your preferred language, country, region and local currency of your country are stored on your computer to provide you with a better experience and allows us to customize your user experience with this information each time you visit our site.

What Are the Cookies Used?

The cookies we use record each time you visit our site, from which location you connect, your language and currency, and allow you to remember these choices when you log in again and to increase your user experience.

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies are used to ensure that you receive the services you request from our website. Without these cookies, we cannot provide you with the services you have requested.

For example, these cookies can be used for the following purposes;

  • To ensure that you can access safe areas of our website without having to log in to the service continuously
  • Remember actions you took before and when you navigated to a previous page in the same session

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies can be used to gather information about how our website, postings and e-mail messages are used and to notify us when an error occurs. These cookies can be used to collect highly detailed technical information such as the last page visited, the number of pages visited, whether e-mail messages were opened, which parts of our website or e-mail were clicked, and the time between clicks. Although this information can be associated with your IP address, domain and browser information, it is analyzed only by combining it with the information of other users, without directly identifying you.

These cookies can be used to analyze, improve and correct the performance and design of our website, advertisements, e-mail messages and the advertisement of our products.

Redirect Cookies

We may access referral cookies sent to your device by our partners' websites. This cookie is used to determine each visitor of our website referred by our business partners and to understand whether these visitors have benefited from the products and services on any of our websites. This information may be shared with our business partners in a way that keeps them anonymous and prevents your identity from being revealed directly.

Functional Cookies

These are cookies that are not mandatory in order to activate various helpful features on our website.

Each time you visit our site, it stores the information determined by your previous visit without the need to choose the language, country and currency. With this information, we offer you our website according to the parameters automatically selected.

Thanks to these cookies, we enable us to determine the target audience and develop advertisements, products and services with the specified target audience.

Along with these cookies, they are used to collect information about the products and services you view on our website, so they can serve you advertisements on the websites for the products and services you are viewing.

Third Party Cookies

While you are using our website, some cookies that are not controlled by us may be stored on your computer. This process originates from a service related to a third website and personal information is not stored in these cookies unless you log into your account.

Status of disabling cookies

With the blocking of cookies, you completely disable the features of functional cookies and you may have to make customizations every time you visit our site.