Conflex WHMCS Template

WHMCS v7.8 - v7.10

With the Conflex WHMCS template, it is a template that will represent your company that has a plain and institutional structure, as well as an easy-to-use and understandable graphics, and meet your customers with an easy-to-use website with usability.

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Common Features for Templates!

Go one step further with the standard features we provide in all our templates.

Free Update!

Download free updates of errors, compatibility updates and new features in all of our templates and take advantage of new features.

Multi Language Support

All of our templates have almost multiple language support. With multiple language support, quickly edit templates via language file.

Open Source Code

All files of the template are open source. Access all files and edit the template as desired.

Responsive Design

In the future, mobile allows your customers to browse your website smoothly and quickly from mobile browsers.

Conflex Multi Platform Web Hosting page!

Multi Platform Web Hosting!

It is designed for companies that provide hosting services on different platforms with the same features as the Conflex WHMCS theme. Give different product links once with the platform that can be selected at the time of purchase, prevent your customers from wasting time by moving between pages.

Detailed Cloud Server Page!

Welcome your customers differently with the draggable cloud server packages that are brought with updates for companies providing cloud server services. Expand your space to describe your cloud server packages in detail.

Conflex WHMCS theme cloud server page view

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the product / service you want to buy.

Can I return the product / service I purchased?

Purchased open source products and all services are non-refundable. Access to all open source products is provided after payment, so you should make a clear decision before purchasing.

Can I change the domain name of the product / service I purchased?

The domain name of any purchased product is not changed. You must clarify your domain name before purchasing products. Changing your domain name is not allowed.

What are your support options?

The support level in all templates is the beginner level. The entry-level support request is a support system that only takes place during working hours provided through the customer panel. The solution of an entry level problem can take up to 72 hours and is only supported during working hours.

How do I download files?

After you purchase the product, there is content that can be downloaded according to the version of your product from the product details you purchased from the Product / Services tab with the confirmation of your order.

Do I have to pay for support?

Our company offers free entry level support in WHMCS templates. We ensure that your product-related questions and problems are resolved within 72 hours of your support request.

When will my order be approved?

If you choose to pay by Credit Card at the time of purchase, your order is automatically confirmed immediately after payment. In the payment method made by bank transfer, your orders are confirmed by checking in working hours by paying to the bank accounts of our company.